Look Forward is Sara Khatib’s Cancer
and Amputation Association

For patients

  • Pairing with young cancer survivors who will act as ‘coaches’ and aim to support the patient throughout their journey
  • One on one sessions with medical ambassadors to answer medical questions
  • Group development sessions (Self-development, Self-confidence, Public Speaking, Stand-up comedy, survival stories, etc.)
  • Group activities to build a sense of community (Cinema, game nights, coffee chats, etc.)
  • A chance to publish their stories and become future coaches to other patients
  • Free counseling sessions by professional counselors

For families

  • One on one venting sessions with families of previous cancer or amputation patients with experience in day to day struggles
  • Emergency daily support (picking up kids from school, help with their homework)
  • Educational support through contact with medical ambassadors
  • Group activities to create a sense of community
  • Fundraising in special cases (for example for new prosthesis)
  • Free counseling sessions by professional counselors


Here is a sneak peak of some of our volunteers